Online Leave Management System

Online Leave Management System

Online Leave Management System

Paperwork, emails, last minute requests and company policies can turn the entire leave management process into a minefield. Even small errors in leave management may lead to payroll processing errors and legal complications.

A leave management system is an online software that enables employees to apply for leave online as well as route these requests to relevant managers and HR specialists for approval and is able to notify employees about the leave approval (or denial).

Benefits of having an online leave management system

  1. Process Automation

Leave management software allow for the automation of leave tracking and accessibility to the managers. It should be seamlessly integrated to the payroll and time attendance software to automatically sync the leave records.

  • Accuracy and efficiency

In just a few clicks, an employee can apply for leave and the manager can approve. Each employee has different types of leave, hence tracking these balances manually requires constant effort and regular adjustment when they take leave. Having an automated leave management system ensures that the correct leave type has been applied for the employee and accurate records of leave are stored.

  • Transparency

Employees and managers are on the same page on how many leave days have been used and how many are left. Transparency helps to identify employees who are underutilizing their leave balances and to manage problems related to employees going on unauthorised leave.

  • Saves time and money

Manually tracking and controlling leave may be time consuming and costly. An automated system eliminates repetitive tasks making leave management faster and more convenient.

  • Reporting and analytics

Leave management systems, such as Belina Connect, include a leave planner which enable managers to view all absences, planned leave and holidays so as to plan ahead of time and avoid being shorthanded due to overbooking of leave. 

  • Improved compliance

Legislation governs the minimum requirements for leave entitlements, rates and records that need to be kept. Leave management software ensures that minimum standards for leave are being met while minimising errors that compound compliance issues.

  • Improved collaboration

Communication between employees and managers is a key aspect of the leave management process. Having a leave management system ensures the leave policies and the entitlements to the employees are communicated appropriately. Employers also ensure that communication is not lost through email as all leave related issues are communicated through one platform.

Features of a leave management system

A Leave Management System automates the leave request process and seamlessly manages all the stages involved in a leave management process: application, approval or rejection, filing leaves, managing leave balance, and leave report analysis. Look for the following features when looking for a leave management system.

1. All-in-one Dashboard

Employees can view their leave balance and other employees’ days-off while applying for leave. Employers have access to employee leave balance, holiday lists and workforce coverage to assess leave requests.

2. Customisable fields

Company policies and procedures vary for each organization. The leave types, approval paths and calendar events should be customizable to suit the company’s needs. Employee work patterns also differ, from full time regular hours to part time and casual employment. An effective leave management system needs to be able to calculate each employee’s minimum leave entitlements correctly.

3. Cloud-Based

A cloud-based online leave management system is more flexible and accessible from anywhere. Employees can apply, approve or reject leave requests from anywhere at any time.

4. Auto-Update Leave Balance

A good leave management system should be able to seamlessly integrate to payroll, work calendars, timesheet management and be able to automatically update the leave balances of the employees. Integration improves efficiency, enables cross-functional reporting and saves on both time and money.

5. Easy Reporting

The software should include a built-in reporting module which makes the most significant data clear and easy to interpret allowing organizations to acquire actionable insights.

Belina Connect: Cloud-based leave management solution

The Belina Connect platform connects employees directly to the Human Resources department for paperless leave, loan and overtime applications as well as approvals from a single dashboard accessible from any device, any time. That, combined with the Connect noticeboard feature and integrated online leave planner will enable your business to run that much more efficiently and leave employees with a greater sense of empowerment.

By Ashlene Moyo