Belina TaRMS Notice

Belina TaRMS Notice

Dear Client,

We feel that we need to communicate what we know about the monthly payroll and PAYE submissions in TaRMS.

We have had weekly (sometimes twice a week) meetings with ZIMRA and payroll service providers in the last few weeks about the current payroll and PAYE submission requirements now in force with TaRMS.

As we develop and present our concerns regarding the PAYE template available in TaRMS, we would like to advise clients to input into TaRMS using the currently available options. Once we have a defined and confirmed template available in Belina, an update will be released to enable you to perform uploads into TaRMS.

We will advise all clients when we have a template available that can be uploaded into TaRMS. There are currently various export options and reports which can assist with collating the data required for population of this TaRMS spreadsheet.

We are also aware of the current variances in tax calculation between Belina and TaRMS, and along with other payroll vendors, we are working with ZIMRA to ensure that tax calculation logic is aligned going forward. There are no changes in tax calculation logic between prior years and 2024. Proceed to upload your payroll data that is from Belina even if TaRMS claims that there are currently variances in the PAYE due.

If you need any help on reports or exports of payroll information from Belina, please get in touch with us. Please contact the ZIMRA TaRMS desk with any questions about the process of submission of the current TaRMS PAYE spreadsheets.

Belina continues to focus on providing World Class software with service to match.